Readers Write: G.N. school board president calls on voters’ support

Readers Write: G.N. school board president calls on voters’ support

The annual Great Neck Public School Board and Budget Election day is Tuesday May 16. Here are some things to bear in mind and share:

  • I am now the only incumbent running. I seek a third three-year term, having served since 2017;
  • For the last two years, I have had the distinct honor of serving as president of the Board of Education during challenging moments in public education, locally, state, and nationwide;
  • The board and I are currently in the midst of a search for the next superintendent of schools; we have also undertaken a thorough demographic analysis of the district;
  • I serve Great Neck out of love for our pluralistic and kaleidoscopic community, dedicated to preserving the well-being and integrity of all children and education here;
  • Due to prior board decisions years ago, board seats in Great Neck are not at-large. This means that candidates must submit petitions to run for a specific seat. This year, two seats are up for election;
  • An individual who tendered petitions to run against me for the seat I currently hold as an incumbent continually repeats she is a “unifier,” not divisive. This is interesting given that her stated views on public safety, public education, and teaching are anything but:
  • In point of fact, her expressed viewpoints, while they may be sincerely held, are extremely divisive and antithetical to public education. They are most certainly not unifying. 
  • My friend, colleague, and fellow incumbent since 2017, Jeff Shi has withdrawn his petition to run for re-election; his seat is now also contested;
  • On May 1, we will know how many people are running for Jeff’s seat. Jeff has already unequivocally endorsed Joanne Chan and me. His endorsement letter runs in the Island Now.
  • I join Jeff in supporting Joanne’s election as board trustee. Joanne’s and my paths are parallel:  Mine led to the board in 2017 after years of service to JFK, NMS, NHS and UPTC as my four children grew. Joanne has also volunteered, for many years, in the Saddle Rock, South Middle, and South High PTOs as a dedicated parent of four. Indeed,

Joanne served as co-president of UPTC while I served as an officer of UPTC and as chair of the Legislative Committee years ago.

Experience matters. Both seats are contested. Make no mistake, your vote and those of your family and friends on Tuesday, May 16, matter.

Applications for absentee ballots may be requested from the District Clerk as of Tuesday, May 2, by calling (516)441-4007.

Here is a link to the campaign website where you can find my announcement letter, video, bio, articles and letters of support to the editor.

Attached to this email are a campaign flyer,  video, and sign. Please share these to your socials with your own message.

If you are willing to phone bank or canvass, please reply to this email so that you may be connected to the team.

If you’d like a lawn sign, please reply to this email to request same.

As an unpaid public official, I cannot stress enough how much we rely on one another.  Of course, everyone is busy. Yet, since our children, our schools and our community are so vitally important, I hope I can count on you to get the word out to vote on May 16. 

Rebecca Sassouni

President of Great Neck School District



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