Readers Write: How can we prevent civil war in America?

Readers Write: How can we prevent civil war in America?

A book recently came out titled “How Civil Wars Start: And How to Stop Them” by Barbara F. Walter, an expert in the field. The University of California at San Diego political science professor predicts how a U.S. Civil War could begin and makes a compelling case that anger and division in America have exploded since 2016 and could very well lead to extreme violence.

This is her thesis:

Half of Americans agree somewhat that there will be a civil war in the next few years, so much so that many believe in arming themselves with a gun in a situation where political violence is deemed to be justified.

Many have lost confidence in democracy, much of it caused by the spreading of false beliefs. A good number of Americans would be willing to intimidate, injure or kill to achieve a political goal, including the committing of violent acts against the government. Dominant political leaders promote ethnic, racial or religious divisions, excluding others from power by demonizing those who oppose them. And this feeds into the feeling that many are losing hope and status.

They no longer have what they feel is rightfully theirs. Social media accelerates such fears. Once citizens are convinced that they need strong autocratic leadership, freedom will be sacrificed if they believe it will make them more secure. This is how democracy is destroyed by dismantling democratic institutions.

To protect our democracy, good governance is important. Good governance deals effectively with issues, especially those issues that are causing such anger. Currently they include the economy, inflation, gun violence, climate change, immigration and abortion.

The problem is the two parties, the Democrats and Republicans, are at each other’s throats. Some even support destroying the other party. What they should realize is that the other party is not their hateful enemy, but their opponent. As in years past, they must relearn how to work with each other. But having the parties working with each other seems a far way off. Therefore, what can be done and who can do it?

What do we know about America? America is the land of corporations and money. What kind of money are we talking about? In 2021, between 500 and 1,000 of the largest American companies had profits of at least $1 billion. A billion! Years ago, that was a fantasy. Science fiction. Today it is commonplace. It is taken for granted. According to Forbes, the 10 most profitable companies in 2021 were as follows:



1- Apple                                  $ 94.7

2- Berkshire Hathaway                89.8

3- Alphabet                                76.0

4- Microsoft                                61.3

5- J.P. Morgan Chase                   48.3

6- Meta Platforms (Facebook)      39.4

7- Amazon                                 33.4

8- Bank of America                     32.0

9- Exxon Mobil                           23.0

10-Fannie Mae                           22.2


What would happen to the profits of American companies if there was, in fact, a civil war? And what would happen to all the individuals who are invested in the stock market or have accumulated wealth in their 401k plans, IRA or other similar type plans?

In war, especially one that is internal, there would be fighting all around. During these times, computers, systems and social networks would also become main targets.

Forget about earnings when buildings and plants are demolished, causing their revenues to plummet. Mass destruction would happen throughout the United States. How could this be stopped?

The answer is really simple. The corporations should get together and tell or more appropriately order, the Republican and Democratic parties to stop the chaos.

No stopping, no money. Realistically, it’s one individual who caused this chaos. It came to the surface in 2016 when Donald Trump decided to run. It culminated on Jan. 6, 2021, when he refused to concede the election and tried to undo a free-and-fair election.

It’s hard to convince the majority of Trump supporters that the election result was not fixed, but I cannot believe that most of these top corporate executives feel the same way. Those executives who support Trump back the way he has helped their corporate hierarchy, but a civil war would negate all the so-called gains they have made.

And when companies like those listed above make the fantasy-like profits, they should ask the basic question; Isn’t it enough? Why would they need more? Stop the craziness or else it could all disappear. And a bloodbath would kill millions of people. Americans! Who needs to fight another civil war? This time it would be near impossible to identify who’s on who’s side.

What we need to do is get back to sanity and it’s really in the hands of the corporations. Sell the country short and you will no longer have a company and we will no longer have a country. Democracy! It’s all about telling the American people the truth with proof that they can believe. Frankly, look where all the lies have led us.

Truth vs. lies. Think how most people would really feel if they found out that so much of what they were told were, in fact, lies. The corporations have the power to set the record straight and put America back on the right course, that is, If they want to stay in business and continue to generate profits in the billions of dollars.

Alvin Goldberg

Great Neck

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