Readers Write: In support of Dr. Shaheda Quraishi for Herricks board

Readers Write: In support of Dr. Shaheda Quraishi for Herricks board

It is with great pleasure I wholeheartedly endorse Dr. Shaheda Quraishi for the
upcoming School Board election. I have had the privilege of working with Dr.
Quraishi for over 12 years and can firmly attest to her exceptional leadership,
communication and analytical skills.

She is a caring professional and extremely skilled pain management physician for Northwell Health since 2007 and assistant professor at Zucker School of Medicine at Hofstra University.

Dr. Quraishi is the clinical director for the Department of Pain Management and
responsible for high-quality patient care, performance improvement initiates,
developing policies, staff education and management. Her strong leadership
helps streamline our business strategies and supports our organization’s

Dr. Quraishi is extremely passionate about the Herricks students because she
was one. She has been a Herricks resident for most of her life and graduated in
1995 from Herricks High School top of her class (valedictorian). She is the
mother of three amazing children who all attend Herricks schools and she is deeply
committed to the children, parents, and schools in Herricks.

She is highly motivated and has proven herself to be a strong community
supporter with her involvement in the Health and Safety Committee during the
pandemic, lead coach for the Girls on the Run in 2019/2020 and head couch for
Let Me Run in 2022.

Dr. Quraishi has served on the Herricks PTA for many years
and is currently on the executive board of Denton and Herricks Middle School.

As a Herricks resident for over 25 years, I am extremely confident Dr. Shaheda
Quraishi would provide us with strong leadership and the best possible education
for our students. She is strongly committed to continue the tradition of
excellence in Herricks.

Diane Lennon Gioia,


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