Readers Write: In support of Patty Katz for water commissioner

Readers Write: In support of Patty Katz for water commissioner

I am writing this letter in support of Patty Katz, who is running for re-election to the Great Neck Water Pollution Control District.  Patty currently serves as the chairwoman of the three-member Board.  Patty has always been involved in the Great Neck Community, whether it was starting a recycling program or volunteering for numerous organizations.  If you have ever seen the little Share-a-Book box by the Chamber of Commerce hut near the LIRR entrance, it was Patty’s idea for that free lending library.

In the last six years, Patty’s leadership has focused on overseeing many upgrades to the district’s wastewater collection system, protecting our environment and the health of all the 25,000 residents who live on the Great Neck Peninsula.  You may be familiar with the Shed the Meds program, which protects our waters from unused medications.  Patty helped institute that program.

Under her leadership, the GNWPCD won the NY State Environmental Excellence Award for the district.  Even though many of us are not familiar with the district, it is responsible for ten sewage pumping stations, repairing and maintaining the manholes, while producing treated wastewater from its treatment plant that exceeds the requirements of the NYSDEC. The purity of the plant’s effluent flow, makes the district one of the most environmentally advanced wastewater treatment plants in New York State.

For these reasons, I urge you to go vote and support Patty Katz in her re-election.  It is being held on Dec. 13 at the GNWPCD on East Shore Road and Vista Hill Road.


Pamela Marksheid

Village of Great Neck Plaza

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