Readers Write: Is government, local and state, failing us?

Readers Write: Is government, local and state, failing us?

I have lived in Nassau County for over 24 years and over the last several years I have noticed a disturbing trend-higher taxes and poorer service.

For example, the condition of roads appears to more and more deteriorated. In the p roads were always in better condition than Queens but no more.

Another example, North Hempstead used to provide good drop-off services for such waste as discarded electronic equipment but now it has gone from weekly to monthly and who knows where.

The process of getting permits to do anything is more cumbersome and time-consuming. Both the county and state have not acquitted themselves very well in the covid crisis, especially the sloppy rollout of getting vaccinated. Also, what happened in nursing homes has been a calamity.

Meanwhile, taxes have gone only in one direction and that is up.

Of course, I could still be living in New York City, where I was born and raised, where everything is worse. This thought, however, really doesn’t excuse what is happening in Nassau County.

John Frangos

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