Readers Write: Kerpen endorses Adam Smith for Port Washington Board of Education

Readers Write: Kerpen endorses Adam Smith for Port Washington Board of Education

As a former Port Washingt Board of Education trustee and chair of the Budget Committee, it is imperative to speak out in support of candidates who exhibit the necessary qualities to effectively serve our community and its students.

In this light, I wholeheartedly endorse current Board President Adam Smith for re-election to the board of education.

When assessing candidates for the board of education, it’s essential to ensure they possess a comprehensive understanding of the board’s role.

While advocating for all students is fundamental, and Adam Smith would not have received the endorsement of the Port Washington Teachers Association if he didn’t, a trustee must also demonstrate proficiency in financial matters.

The adoption of a fiscally responsible budget is the board’s paramount responsibility, balancing the needs of all students with those of taxpayers.

Adam Smith exemplifies the qualities required for this position.

His commitment to financial oversight, exemplified by his service on the Budget and Audit committees and later as president for two years, sets him apart. I have witnessed Adam’s dedication firsthand.

His ability to delve into the intricacies of the budget process and ask probing questions underscores his commitment to transparency and accountability.

Adam’s understanding of the audit process and its implications for our community’s financial well-being is exemplary.

A successful audit not only ensures fiscal responsibility but also enhances our district’s credit rating, ultimately benefiting taxpayers by reducing borrowing costs and extending the value of our tax dollars.

I urge voters to consider Adam Smith’s proven track record in budgeting, audit, and oversight. His continued participation will undoubtedly keep our board of education on track for continued success, ensuring the best outcomes for our students and community.

Dave Kerpen

Former Board of Education Trustee,

Port Washington

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