Readers Write: Larry Penner’s bathroom obsession

Readers Write: Larry Penner’s bathroom obsession


What is the story with Larry Penner’s obsession with working bathrooms in the subway? Does he hold stock in a company that builds subway bathrooms?

Has Mr. Penner ridden the Lexington Ave. line lately, the way I do every day? Has he been on the #6 train in the Bronx and then 4 or 5 train all the way to Brooklyn’s Borough Hall?

If he did (and I doubt he does), he would understand that the homeless on the subway are making a resurgence. When the subway was closed 1 am – 5 am to sanitize it, Mr. Penner was in favor of making it 24/7.

Mr. Penner got his wish. Along with the filthy, disease-carrying homeless. Would Mr. Penner like to use a subway bathroom the homeless are using? Why doesn’t  Larry Penner use a subway bathroom at 1 in the morning? I wish him the best of luck surviving the experience.

Also, what subway runs near his Great Neck home? I doubt it’s as old as the Bronx IRT.

Whether there are working bathrooms on the subway or not does not at all factor into my decision to take the subway. I take it because it is the cheapest way from the Bronx to Brooklyn and back again.

It would be nice if the bathroom at Parkchester was still open. It is not. I, therefore, go to plan “B,” emptying my bladder and intestines before I leave home. I also have plan “C,” a membership to use any Planet Fitness in North America.

Mr. Penner in his opinion piece did not mention the cost of constructing bathrooms in the remaining stations that have no bathrooms. Nor did he mention the cost of hooking up working plumbing.

He is constantly harping, not necessarily unjustified, about the cost of projects increasing year after year. Would this somehow not apply to building bathrooms because Mr. Penner is in favor of it? How is it that when Mr. Penner is in favor of a project none of the pesky details matter but when he is against a project the devil is in the details?

When and if all the rolling stock, signal interchanges, signals, communication equipment, holding lights, communication towers,  electrical wiring, tracks, third rails, tunnels damaged by Superstorm Sandy, rusting elevated structures are brought up to good working order is when I will care about working bathrooms. Has Mr. Penner recently visited the #2 train between East Tremont Ave. and Simpson St.? I am far more concerned with the structural integrity of the El structure than working bathrooms.

As far as hiring private companies to clean the bathrooms, is Mr. Penner against unionized help doing so? Was Mr. Penner in a union when he worked for FTA? If so, how would he feel about a non unionized worker taking his place?

Nat Weiner





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