Readers Write: Late Blooms

Readers Write: Late Blooms



Fall.  The first dry warm spell in a while.

The morning was lovely.

Yellow sand, bright heat, the sound of waves,

glittering sea and a pure blue horizon.

Snail darters are at their work, so too the gulls.

Utterly gorgeous.


We’re sitting under a colorful seashell umbrella.

You’re reading a book, raking the sand with your feet,

and note you can feel the silence the ocean beats against.


I’m smiling, just opening our eyes was like a tide

that brought us here.  Part of a sequence that will take us

on our customary journey.

I consider how it describes the story of meeting years ago

with many surprising turns and pleasures avidly lived.


As October’s warmth faded the last receding runnels of tide

percolated through the sand like snow melt.

O, love!  It is time to go.

We will again visit the delicate indigo kingdom in our memories

for a crown.  With the impeccable gold sun a necklace on our skin,

and precious stones at our feet.



Stephen Cipot

Garden City Park

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