Readers Write: Lee Zeldin is unfit for public office

Readers Write: Lee Zeldin is unfit for public office

Lee Zeldin is a demonstrable fraud. Photocopied petition signatures just scratch the surface of his contempt for the rule of law.

This active participant in the violent Trumputin fascist coup attempted on January 6 2021 is unfit for public office. On that day, Zeldin violated both his Congressional oath of office and his military officer’s oath.

He continues to wallow in the Trumputin ‘Big Lie’ refusing to publicly and unequivocally acknowledge the fact that Trumputin lost a fair and fraud-free election. He is part of the fascist Trumputin personality cult that poses as the “Republican Party” today.

He is a climate denier who will not support women’s rights or the rights of any minority as he courts the support of the white nationalist antisemites who populate the Trumputin base.

Perhaps Zeldin will enlist the ‘Proud Boy’ thugs for his enhanced security. What a truly foolish man, blinded by his lust for power! Lee Zeldin is unfit for public office.


Eric Cashdan

Sands Point

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