Readers Write: Manorhaven Residents Party has my vote

Readers Write: Manorhaven Residents Party has my vote

Under Jim Avena’s leadership for the past six years, Manorhaven has never looked better. I think a big part of the reason for it is because Mayor Avena has an outstanding professional background, having served in finance management for some very large companies, including as President of Cantor Fitzgerald. We are extremely lucky to have someone with that kind of experience running our village.

Aside from managing the Village’s finances strongly enough to raise our S&P rating up to AA+ and having a sizable budget surplus, Mayor Avena’s administration has been very successful at receiving grants to fund the extensive road-paving project that has gone on for the past several years. So, we get new roads without it affecting our taxes.

And the $6 million Manorhaven Boulevard project that Mayor Avena initiated with Legislator DeRiggi-Whitton will be so spectacular when completed soon. Port’s second Main Street will surely attract many new businesses and shoppers.

Part of his continuous beautification efforts includes planting even more trees beyond the 100 already planted in our village over the past several years. Our streets have never been cleaner and with the planting of more trees this year, the vllage will be even more special.

I cannot emphasize enough how strongly I feel about Mayor Jim Avena and hope my fellow Manorhaven residents join me in voting for him and his trustee candidates Rita Di Lucia and Dan Garcia June 21.

Jeff Stone

Village of Manorhaven

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