Readers Write: Martins, D’Esposito must disclose Santos money

Readers Write: Martins, D’Esposito must disclose Santos money

As has been reported, the Nassau and Hempstead GOP organizations received at least $185,000 in dirty campaign money from the Devolder-Santos scam.

They only disgorged, returned, some of it! Too late! These illegal funds polluted every campaign they were involved with. An allegedly “sophisticated investment professional” who bankrolled the Devolder-Santos scam, and now claims to have been conned, is more likely simply a money launderer for nefarious foreign interests.

The blizzard of Santos and Jack Martins lawn signs that very early in the campaign simultaneously blanketed every road and byway were paid for by whom? Martins, for one, must disclose completely the source of his campaign financing.

What about the others. How much Devolder-Santos scam money did Anthony D’Esposito take and not disgorge? These questions need to be answered. Follow the money.


Eric Cashdan

Sands Point

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