Readers Write: Nassau Legislator Pilip should focus on her district

Readers Write: Nassau Legislator Pilip should focus on her district

An open letter to Nassau County Legislator Mazi Melesa Pilip:

Your recent “District 10 Update” of Jan, 23, 2023 is a disappointing attack on the governor of New York State and the mayor of New York City, with little actual information of use to your constituents. Instead, you are repeating tired partisan attacks on Democrats and blaming the rise in crime on bail reform.
The fact is  there is no evidence to support the fear-mongering claim that bail reform has contributed to the rise in crime on Long Island.
There is no evidence that crimes are being perpetrated by repeat offenders released without bail, yet Republicans continue to spread that misinformation. Attempts to roll back bail reform will certainly have a disproportionate impact on Black people and other people of color.
Yes, Nassau County needs to be kept safe. So what is our county executive doing to make good on his campaign promises to keep us safe?
Since Bruce Blakeman took office in January 2022, crime has increased by 41%, according to Newsday and you cannot blame that solely on bail reform.
Perhaps Nassau County would be safer and would function more efficiently if our local elected officials concentrated more on governing their own districts instead of campaigning for state and national candidates and attending press conferences to attack their political rivals.
Fully half of your “District 10 Update” consists of a diatribe against Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg for his sentencing of a criminal convicted of a hate crime against a Jewish man from the South Shore of Long Island, which is not your district, along with condemnation of Gov. Hochul for not repealing bail reform.
While I share your outrage at the alarming increase in antisemitism nationwide, I think your “District 10 Update” should focus on matters in District 10 instead of political attacks on Democrats throughout the state.
You were elected to be our Nassau County legislator. What have you done for your constituents lately?  That’s what we want to know.
Please, stop the partisan attacks on Democratic city and state officials and focus on the needs of your constituents in District 10.
We are the laughing stock of the world due to our con man of a congressman, “George Anthony Devolder Santos,” whom you enthusiastically endorsed at many appearances together.
Now, more than ever, your constituents are in need of honest and diligent representation at the local level.
Nina K. Gordon
Great Neck

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