Readers Write: Never too late to earn your degree, George

Readers Write: Never too late to earn your degree, George

George Anthony Devolder Zabnovsky Santos (whatever his name is) has admitted to being a “bad liar” in his interview with Piers Morgan. In my opinion, he is a “good liar” in his creative, enormous deceptions.

Aside from his many aliases, lying about the history of his schooling, employment, his questionable financial exploits, there is another basic problem. He is uneducated. Would any person in their right mind consult with an attorney, an accountant, or even worse go to a dentist or doctor who has lied about their training, let alone a college degree?

While Santos undoubtedly aspires to having been a product of reputable institutions, (Baruch and Goldman Sachs), he has not put in any time to warrant recognition for an elected position nor any place of leadership for that matter.

My advice: first, be a “mensch” (a Jew-ish expression you profess to be proud of) and step down. Second, it is never too late to gain knowledge. Get a college degree. Learn nuanced thinking, let alone the classics. Third, obtain employment in any field where you can grow as you learn.

Perhaps those experiences will contribute to the respect you so desire. Right now you have not earned it.

Lois Schaffer

Great Neck

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