Readers Write: Pending impeachment of Gov. Cuomo

Readers Write: Pending impeachment of Gov. Cuomo


As the fate of New York State leadership is being decided, many are not considering the far-reaching and long-enduring impacts and repercussions of what could actually happen to the state and potentially the rest of the country. Nationally, the case against Governor Andrew Cuomo will become the standard-bearer for removal of elected officials without due process.

The impending impeachment of Governor Cuomo would be a destabilizing act that would endanger the future of New York’s $350+ billion infrastructure plan–the largest and most aggressive development plan in the nation, which would create hundreds of thousands of jobs for New Yorkers. Additionally, the absence of Governor Cuomo’s leadership will severely increase the people’s fear and anxiety for the future of New York State.

If the Assembly votes for articles of impeachment, Governor Cuomo would be removed from office before trial creating irreparable damage to New York State’s economy. Without Governor Cuomo’s leadership, economic recovery, which is critical now and after the pandemic, will not happen. Governor Andrew Cuomo’s Reimagine, Rebuild, Renew agenda is a once-in-a-generation opportunity that is poised to inject billions of dollars in needed upgrades for key projects including transformation of the John F. Kennedy International Airport, Manhattan Midtown West Development Project, growing green energy, rebuilding and strengthening New York’s infrastructure and much more.

Both the Assembly and the Senate need to prioritize New York’s future above political opportunism, especially during this time of crisis. The attempt to ruin one of the most competent and effective political leaders in our country must be stopped. Voting for impeachment under these terms is the converse of the democratic process and the presumption of innocence. If articles of impeachment are approved, Governor Cuomo would be immediately removed from elected office and remain there throughout the impeachment trial. We the people of New York State demand that Governor Cuomo be given due process through the normal judicial system as his citizen’s right under the United States Constitution.

The unconstitutional and antiquated approach to destroy Governor Cuomo based on political and personal gain is a threat to our democracy and an antithesis against the interests, emotions, attitude, and preferences of voters. We implore the Assembly and Senate to rethink their actions and cease any attempt to remove Governor Cuomo from office. As voters, we expect honor and integrity of our elected political leaders. We the voters have the right to decide who our leaders are and for how long they remain in office.


We Decide New York, Inc. was created to defend the rights of voters to decide who we want to represent us as leaders and the issues our representatives govern on. We advocate for due process, justice, and juridical equality for all, including New York Governor Andrew Cuomo. We Decide New York is an Independent Expenditure Committee registered with the New York Board of Elections.

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