Readers Write: Penner states the obvious about Cuomo

Readers Write: Penner states the obvious about Cuomo


Larry Penner’s “Sharks Circling Cuomo’s Political Carcass” is absolutely pointless, lacking in facts and research, and beautifully demonstrates the author’s insatiable addiction to seeing his name in print.
The author begins his opinion piece with Cuomo’s three choices: resign, fight the impeachment or run for a fourth term. Stop the presses! No one could have figured that out without Mr. Penner!
The author goes on to state most of his former friends have abandoned him. Again, stop the presses. With the president of the United States himself urging Cuomo to resign, not to mention – among many others – the head of the New York State Democratic Party, it would have been impossible to figure that out without Mr. Penner!
The author then says that Lt. Governor Kathy Hochul is joined at the political hip to Mr. Cuomo. Really? Not according to this 8/9/2021 article on CNBC, which a 10-second search on Google revealed. In this article, many prominent people are urging Ms. Hochul to run and giving her advice. According to this article, she is mostly an “unknown quantity.” That’s hardly “joined at the hip.” She has also joined the “excoriate Cuomo” chorus.
The author ends his opinion piece with “the political sharks have already begun circling the political carcass of Cuomo. Many are now considering their own run for governor.” For a third time, stop the presses! No one could figure that out without the author. The author also fails to name even one of the “many” considering a run for governor.
The author is entitled to write to the newspapers as often as he chooses, even if his letters are obvious and pointless. But doesn’t the author care enough about his opinion pieces to perform even perfunctory research, think before his fingers hit the keyboard, and not tell half truths?

Nat Weiner


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