Readers Write: Penner’s selective logic

Readers Write: Penner’s selective logic

To the Editor,

Re: “Put NYC transportation commish on MTA board,” Larry Penner.

In opinion pieces making the rounds after the appointment of Pete Buttigieg as transportation secretary, Larry Penner alternately lamented that Buttigieg was not a Republican, not experienced running a large agency, and DOT functioned well in his absence (although the author was sure Buttigieg and his deputy, Polly Trottenberg, communicated frequently by telephone. I’m not quite following how an agency functioning well in his absence makes him unqualified, but that’s another discussion).

In his frequent criticism of former Gov. Cuomo, the author lamented that Cuomo was no good for the state’s transportation infrastructure because Cuomo had no background in transportation and had never built a business.

The author feels that in order to push Mayor Adams’ transportation projects the city transportation commissioner, Ydanis Rodriguez, should sit on the MTA board. It would be nice if the author would give us even an elementary idea of what those projects are.

The author continues by concluding City Council Member Selvena Brooks-Powers should also sit on the MTA board. No justification is provided for this statement.

Rodriguez and Brooks-Powers are Democrats. Rodriguez has a degree in Political Science, Brooks-Powers in International Law. Brooks-Powers has been involved with community organizing and women and minority issues. I am making no statement myself as to whether these two are or are not qualified to sit on the MTA Board.

But why is it that the author’s logic re Buttigieg and Cuomo do not apply to Rodriguez and Brooks-Powers? Doesn’t the author pay attention to his other opinion pieces? Doesn’t the author care about the quality of his opinion pieces?

Nat Weiner


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