Readers Write: Please vote for Nanette Melkonian

Readers Write: Please vote for Nanette Melkonian

As a Special Education Advocate, I always see people in a better light who have a shared interest in all students. Nanette Melkonian is that person.

I have known Nannette for many years personally and since she has joined the school board, her commitment to all students has shown to be a guiding light for the board and our incredible town.

Nannette has the experience being on the inside as a teacher, on the outside in raising 3 amazing children and now being part of the decision making group of our Board of Education.

Her answers to questions are thoughtful and insightful. When she presents at various meetings, she chooses her words carefully and is not afraid to say ‘I don’t know but will get back to you on this.”

She requested reviews of several distinct parts of our school district and then took the time to question the audits with questions that show a true understanding of the issues at hand.

Nannette is all about the kids and helping them to reach their true potential. She is the perfect balance of experience, insight, intelligence and humility. Please join me in supporting her to continue her role as a member of the Board of Education..

Ann Mergler

Advocate For Success LLC

Port Washington

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