Readers Write: Port Washington Times just another left-wing rag.

Readers Write: Port Washington Times just another left-wing rag.

Your opinion “Nassau GOP soft on domestic terrorism” is complete hogwash. One of the reasons I don’t subscribe to this paper is because it is anti-Republican and lacks balance. You spout white supremacists as though this is a real problem, but in reality is a complete fabrication. I don’t observe white supremacists burning down American cities as is the case with the communist Black Lives Matter and Antifa groups. These communist-inspired groups are responsible for billions of  dollars worth of damage. Yet, why have they not been prosecuted? Now there’s a real problem.

You cite voter suppression as if this was another problem and. of course, it’s not. What you call voter suppression is in reality strengthening voter identification laws. If we are to keep elections sacrosanct, then only Americans citizens should be allowed to vote.

Your position on guns is completely moronic. Common sense would dictate that gun control laws don’t work and the reason is simple: They don’t affect the criminal. Gun control laws affect law-abiding citizens and their right to own firearms. These people are not the people committing the crimes. Also, red flag laws are un-constitutional because they allow for gun confiscation without due process of law.

It should be noted that the semi automatic AR-15 is not the weapon of choice for mass shooters. If politicos were serious in stopping these reprehensible shootings, then they would eliminate gun free zones, have armed personnel in schools and fund the construction of more mental hospitals to house the mentally ill. It should also be noted that the majority of these shooters are mentally ill or have a left-wing indoctrination. One must really understand that guns don’t kill people, people kill people and it is those people that need to punished. The goal here is to disarm American citizens not to protect people.

As for bail reform you have to be joking. See:

You cite the Jan 6 debacle and got it wrong again. If you recall Trump offered Pelosi the use of the National Guard and she declined. Why? It seems that the more information coming out about this hoax, the more it looks like it was preplanned and now it seems that the FBI was involved. What about Ashley Babbitt, innocent woman, non-threatening and shot by  a black cop? Where is justice for her?

It’s unfortunate that we do not have a free press any longer because all we have in the mainstream media is communist propaganda and publications like yours that do a disservice to America. The problem with left-wing rhetoric is that it is usually false and demagogic in nature. In case you have not noticed, the Democratic Party is no longer Democrat. They are the  Socialist/Communist Party of America and this is what you preach.

What does the Democrat Party stand for? In reality nothing. They are all about everything is racist, including inanimate objects. They are anti-white, anti-God, anti First and Second Amendments, anti-private property, anti-American and globalist to the core. They are the party responsible for open borders and unlimited non-white immigration. They do this in order to change the  demographics of America by increasing the entitlement mentality to secure the vote.

They are working to change America into a socialist country with totalitarian rule while turning citizens into serfs dependent on government. Their ultimate goal is one world government.

Robert Simone

Port Washington

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