Readers Write: Preserve quality of GN education, vote Sassouni

Readers Write: Preserve quality of GN education, vote Sassouni

On May 16  the Great Neck Board of Education is holding an important election. Rebecca Sassouni, trustee and president of the board, is seeking re-election as trustee. I strongly believe Rebecca Sassouni’s service record merits re-election and I urge all eligible voters to vote for her.

It is no accident that the Great Neck School System is rated at the very top of the rankings for school districts in our state as well as in our nation and has been so rated for many years.  It is no wonder that families looking for a residence in which to raise their kids flock to Great Neck where public educational services meet high quality standards and are broad and deep for all students.

Clearly, in my opinion, Board President Sassouni has earned re-election, but there is much more to say about her record of accomplishments in our educational community. As a parent, Rebecca Sassouni for many years played a leadership role in parent-teacher organizations.

After being elected to the board in 2017 she was elected by her colleagues to the post of president in 2021 and 2022. As a trustee she chaired a public committee to advise the board. I was on that committee for two years and, as a former Board of Education trustee, I had a firsthand opportunity to witness the skill and sensitivity with which Rebecca handled that widely diverse group. Now Rebecca Sassouni has the task of replacing our retiring present superintendent.

As a board trustee many years ago, I was involved in the selection of William A. Shine as superintendent, a noble visionary who mapped out a new path for Great Neck. He loved the schools and they loved him back. His name is emblazoned forever on the wall of South Senior High. I can’t forget his comment to me that he thought love, support and confidence were the basic foundations that should be in the program for all our kids as they proceed through our rich educational system.

As I see it, that process is exactly what the present and recent superintendents as well as Rebecca Sassouni have been implementing while running the Great Neck School System. I am sure that when Dr. Shine (recently passed) is gazing from above upon our schools, it is with a smile of satisfaction.

I am confident that Rebecca Sassouni will continue to get it right.

I urge Great Neck residents to vote to re-elect Rebecca Sassouni as a move to ensure continued outstanding performance of Great Neck’s school system, one of our community’s greatest assets. Vote for Rebecca Sassouni on May 16.

Leon Korobow

Great Neck

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