Readers Write: Pro-Palestinian demonstrators and antisemitism

Readers Write: Pro-Palestinian demonstrators and antisemitism
1- Jackson Avenue School celebrated the grand opening of their “Learning Garden” with a ribbon cutting ceremony attended by students, teachers and administrators on May 21. Photos courtesy of Mineola School District

 How ironic that thousands of high school and college students around the nation continue their ongoing protests against Israel.  They continued their call for a cease-fire, burned Israel flags and included chants such as “Free Palestine” and “From river to the sea” (code words for the elimination of Israel), tearing down posters of hostages from Israel and the United States by Hamas and accusing President Biden and America of committing genocide against the Palestinian people  These same demonstrators were silent on and immediately after Oct. 7, when Hamas invaded Israel.  No protests against Hamas’ rein of terror murdering 1,400 and or kidnapping 240 Israel and American citizens.

Perhaps the demonstrators were not aware that this past Nov. 9 was the 85th anniversary of Kristallnacht.  On that date in 1938, German Nazis conducted a pogrom. The Nazis’ persecution included burning and looting of Jewish homes, stores and synagogues.

Isn’t it time that Kristallnacht and the Holocaust that killed 6 million Jews be taught in all high school and college history classes? Why not also show the recently released film, “Bearing Witness,” which document the recent atrocities committed by Hamas?  It was shown last Wednesday at the Museum of Tolerance in Los Angeles.

Too many pro Palestinian protesters have no understanding of past history.  This has resulted in their ignorance and antisemitism.

Larry Penner

Great Neck

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