Readers Write: Rally for Israel shows shows diverse support

Readers Write: Rally for Israel shows shows diverse support

I attended the Americans March for Israel on the National Mall in Washington, D.C. on Tuesday, Nov. 14. Blue Skies, fabulous weather.

Israeli Flags and American Flags were awash in the crowd of 290,000 attendees.

Representatives from all kinds of organizations: End Jew Hatred, the Holocaust Memorial and Tolerance Center, UJA, AJC,  There were Christians for Israel, Blacks for Israel, Motorcycle Riders for Israel. Democrats and Republicans for Israel.

My bus trip down from New York was filled with Israeli and American songs and of course food.  I cry at least once a day, that day, was no different.  I was comforted by my fellow attendees.  Dings all day on the phone with updates on antisemitism news occurring worldwide.

All the folks on the bus and at the rally said this: “Am Yisroel Chai.” (The People of Israel live), “God Bless America.” “Bring them Home,” referring to the hostages that were maliciously taken on Saturday, Oct. 7, and are still held by Hamas terrorists.

Planes, trains and automobiles from everywhere: Alabama, Texas, Florida, Colorado, California, Canada, the tri-state area.

Nobody shouted out, “Death to Gaza,” or “Death to the Palestinians.”

I was proud to be a Jew.  I felt the power of all of my sisters and brothers and friends worldwide that day.

I am thankful and proud of Israel and how she is waging these battles intentionally and thoughtfully.  Israel will, must win. We, who believe in Democratic ideals must win.

While supporters of the terrorist Hamas wage their treacherous social media and in-person demonstrations, we must remember to fight the fight. Although I cry daily, I must dig in and be strong to fight in my way. Through my voice and advocacy.

The difference between now and the fight against the Nazis who wanted to annihilate Jews in the 1930s. The treacherous Nazis -the world defeated this terror machine in World War II.  Many of you know Holocaust survivors, and many of you are descendants of survivors.

The difference is now we stand up, we use our voices and because of Israel, we as Jews and all those who hold Western ideals dear, because of Israel we have military might and we will win against the Hamas terrorists who wish to see civilization as we know it destroyed.

Am Yisroel Chai

God Bless America

Judy Liman

Great Neck

Holocaust Memorial and Tolerance Center of Nassau County Board Member

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