Readers Write: Rampant Republican corruption

Readers Write: Rampant Republican corruption

Corrupt Clarence Thomas and his Supreme Court grift are truly emblematic of the current MAGA-fascist Republican party and its reliance on dark money cesspools, money rooted in the ‘Citizens United’ decision.

Now George Anthony Devolder Santos (or whatever the hell his name is) has been arrested and charged with 13 federal counts.

The Santos campaign finance scam polluted the election of virtually every so-called Republican in Queens, Nassau and Suffolk, and elsewhere. It was directed by none other than Nancy Marks the finance guru of SleezyLeeZ, Lee Zeldin (Q-Shirley), the insurrectionist former congressman and failed gubernatorial candidate.

The current MAGA-fascist Republicans rely on cesspools of dark money from what I call the “Billionaire Boyz Club,” which has been seditiously seeking to undermine our republican democracy since the Koch brothers took the John Birch Society underground, so to speak. Nassau MAGA-fascist Republicans can’t help themselves.

Is Bruce Blakeman’s wife really the best candidate for a Judgeship (no matter what her qualifications), or is she more likely just another example of corrupt Republican nepotism in the extreme?

It certainly looks that way. The party of Margiotta, Skelos and Mangano continues its bad act under Joe Cairo who gives little more than lip service to ethics. Follow the money

Eric Cashdan

Sands Point

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