Readers Write: Re-elect Brackett for PW water commissioner

Readers Write: Re-elect Brackett for PW water commissioner

Currently, the Port Washington Water District is shepherding a $40 million high-level technical project that promises to protect Port Washington’s drinking water from emerging contaminants. It is the largest, most complex infrastructure project in the district’s history. I challenge anyone to dispute the fact that drinking water quality is our most important concern. Period. This is not the time to instruct a newcomer on the ins and outs of water protection.  We need David Brackett’s experience, technical knowledge and proven leadership running what experts call “one of the most pro-active and cutting-edge” water districts on Long Island.

In addition to being one of our Port Washington water commissioners, Dave Brackett is my tax accountant and my friend.  I trust him and am fully aware that he has made it his business to protect our water.  From helping Port Washington successfully cap our landfills to being one of the first districts to utilize United States Geological Survey computer modeling to securing the largest grant for emerging contaminants of any district on Long Island, he has a guiding principle that informs his life.  Do no wrong.  His experience as a member of the Port Washington Water Commission is based on this belief.

Many say that the Port Washington Water District is the best run district in Nassau County.  To a great measure, that is due to our water commissioners who oversee every aspect of the business, including water quality testing protocol, remediation, infrastructure improvements, finances, staffing, service and public education and outreach. Under Brackett’s leadership the district has embarked on a five-year water conservation plan as well as introducing new technology that will protect us against salt water intrusion.  He also is ensuring that polluters and chemical companies who push back on keeping our water safe and plentiful are held accountable.

Again, I challenge anyone who thinks any entity is more important than our water.  We need it protected.  Dave’s experience and knowledge is imperative to steer our district’s transition toward cleaner water during this most challenging, complex period ahead.  Please vote for David Brackett on Tues., Dec. 14.

Jane Thomas

Port Washington

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