Readers Write: Remind anti-vaxxers Trump got his shot

Readers Write: Remind anti-vaxxers Trump got his shot

These days so many people are into themselves. It’s the ME! ME! ME! generation. They don’t give a damn about anyone else. They just do what they want to do. That’s so true when it comes to vaccinations against the coronavirus. These people are not ignorant. They know the facts but choose to ignore them. Facts, such as the number of people infected by the disease in the United States that has exceeded 33 million and over 590,000 have died.

Although the disease here appears to be somewhat under control and restrictions are being lifted, the situation had previously been the same in India. They, too, seemed to have it under control; that is until now when 300,000 people are being infected daily and, to keep up with the massive number of deaths, they’re burning dead bodies in the streets.

If people don’t get vaccinated, it could affect me, my family, friends and the whole country. Knowing facts and ignoring them is defined as stupidity. Do you know why Donald Trump took the vaccine? Because he’s not stupid. For those who refuse to take the vaccine, perhaps they can figure out the conclusion he came to, that is, if their minds are functioning properly.

Perhaps it’s good that these people are selfish. Most of them who refuse to be vaccinated are conservative and Republicans. Let them not take it. The end result will be that a high number of them will die. If so many Republicans die because of their failure to get vaccinated, do you know the effect that will have on upcoming elections? Chances are it will result in Democrat landslide victories.

If people are willing to die, at least it should be for a good cause. As a human being, I implore them to get vaccinated and not die. The coronavirus pandemic is not over. “It ain’t over till it’s over.” Removing restrictions due to “freedom” pressures can become costly. It is said that patience is a virtue. We should make sure that the disease is under control before we try to get back to normal.

However, if such advice is ignored and knowing that people are always seeking good financial advice, I suggest such people give thought about investing in businesses such as funeral parlors, crematories and cemeteries. It is important to think about the future.

Alvin Goldberg

Great Neck

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