Readers Write: Santos takes the low road

Readers Write: Santos takes the low road

How is it that George Santos (Santos condemns drag performance during GN High talent show) dare make the claim that he “is working for direct results” presumably for his district, when his constituents are outraged, now polling 90% against him running again, in the current poll?

Next is his audacity to exploit a 16-year-old at a Great Neck School “coffee house” event doing a performance in drag as inappropriate, and then admitting he did the same in Brazil,  when “he was young, having fun at a festival.”

The hypocrisy and the lies never stop. As reported in Newsday last week, GOP Congresswoman Beth Van Duyne claimed that Santos never shared the proceeds of a joint fund-raiser with her.

While his latest antics and cheating are scandalous enough, leaving our Congressional District 3 on Long Island and in Queens without representation or representation by a grifter is unconscionable. House Speaker Kevin McCarthy by not including Santos in his re-election fund does nothing for the hundreds of thousands of D3 constituents who have no voice in Congress.

Santos’ deplorable and incomparable record of lies, evasions and outright fraud (Brazil) will surely sink him and hopefully his Republican enablers a.k.a collaborators in Congress in November ’24. For us, constituents who are part of a grassroots effort to expel Santos, it will not come soon enough, as the rest of the country looks on with horror.

It’s difficult to overstate the lengths to which Rep. Santos has gone to steal power. Santos’s lies have made national headlines and misled voters. They include campaign finance violations of $365,000 in unexplained spending, lies about a defunct animal rescue charity’s donations and sexual misconduct.

All these, and more, are currently under investigation by the House Ethics Committee.

George Santos, Speaker of the House McCarthy, Marjorie Taylor Greene and the other power grabbers on the far right, truly do you have no shame?

Jeanette Walowitz and Paula Frome,

Volunteer leaders, Bend the Arc LI 

Great Neck

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