Readers Write: Sassouni has earned another term on GN ed board

Readers Write: Sassouni has earned another term on GN ed board

I write in support of Rebecca Sassouni for the Great Neck Board of Education.  Ms. Sassouni has masterfully guided the Great Neck Public School District through a period of tremendous change, uncertainty, and stress.  Since the pandemic began three years ago, the district has been inundated with government mandates, policy shifts, and acrimony.  Ms. Sassouni is not an ideologue.  She does not fit neatly into a political box.  Rebecca has spent countless hours listening to the concerns of all interested parties and guiding the board to wise decisions based on facts and law, not emotions or politics.

Ms. Sassouni makes herself available to address concerns at every opportunity, as anybody who has attempted to reach her can confirm.  It is important to note that Ms. Sassouni’s professional experience as an attorney is an invaluable asset to the board.  Rebecca’s knowledge of educational policy and family rights adds an important dimension to the board’s decision-making process.

It should also be noted that 99% of the work Ms. Sassouni does is not visible or newsworthy.  It’s the continual series of small decisions on things like budget, hirings, maintenance and other boring topics that together create a functioning school district.  Having your district in good hands on the small things is as valuable as the less common larger issues.

Rebecca Sassouni has earned an additional term on the Great Neck Board of Education.

Neal Picker

Great Neck

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