Readers Write: Snowdrops

Readers Write: Snowdrops
By Stephen Cipot, Caumsett State Park 2021

All my life

I have loved beauty

more than anything

in the world.


Including the snowdrops

of dreams

that open little by little

to lick the photons of the sun

in spring.


Each burns like a star

in the heart of darkness.


In the morning

I shine from within

and am surrounded

by deep blue waves of air,

fields of green and lots of trees.


The light settles

over everything

including into the shadows.


Like countless flowers,

their fire slowly opens

into something




Stephen Cipot

Garden City Park

Author’s note: The photos of wild daffodils were taken at Caumsett State Park in 2021.  Shown are the original Lloyd house and farmstead from the 1700s.  The large white house on West Neck Road a little before the park is a later Lloyd family house of the 1800s.  The Lloyds had slaves who lived in the 3rd floor unfinished floor of that house.  One of whom was Jupiter Hammon, who was to become the first black American slave to become a published poet, to boot.  At least Mr. Hammon was allowed to read, which was quite rare for slaves in the U.S., though more rare in the south, where reading and education were considered privileges, African Americans who could read and were educated were often considered dangerous.  You can learn about Jupiter Hammond on the web and read some of his poems.  Jupiter Hammon was very spiritual and religious.

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