Readers Write: Something rotten in Nassau GOP

Readers Write: Something rotten in Nassau GOP

The Nassau GOP is a dirty organization. Suspected dirty money from the disgraced “Santos” (or whatever his name is) campaign polluted every campaign the Nassau GOP was involved in. The blizzard of “Santos” and Martins lawn signs that littered every road and byway were likely financed by “Santos” dirty money.

Those racist, sepia-toned scare ads were also apparently financed by dirty dark money. By pretending to be Jewish (Jew-ish?), he managed to finesse that dark money honey-pot known as the Republican Jewish (or is it Jew-ish?) Coalition (an organization most recently purposed to keeping Sheldon Adelson out of the slammer).

The likelihood that offshore (illegal) Russian oligarch money also found its way into the “Santos” and other Nassau GOP campaign coffers (Martins’, for example) should not surprise us as well! The Nassau GOP of Margiotta, Skelos, and Mangano always runs true to form.

Eric Cashdan

Sands Point

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