Readers Write: Stop sign violation? Pay $250 for jaywalking instead.

Readers Write: Stop sign violation? Pay $250 for jaywalking instead.

A few weeks ago, I detailed to your readers a persistent abuse of local taxpayers, as witnessed by my wife and me – and corroborated by so many local residents/respondents at the traffic court.

Undoubtedly, there are people disobeying our laws and endangering the public. That said, a great many are falsely accused of running stop signs in Great Neck. There is outright perjury committed by some officers issuing tickets they know accuse drivers falsely. By whom and why this is being orchestrated against a law-abiding and supporting local population is beyond me. I detailed, for instance, that my wife is utterly obsessed with vehicular safety, having had two family friends in New Jersey die at the hands of a tractor trailer driver after they had run a red light.

In the most recent instance, she was again falsely charged with running a stop sign on Old Mill Road. She even purposefully made eye contact with the officer parked in the Temple Israel driveway out of understandable “fear” before proceeding to be “triple sure” that her stop endured at least long enough for a tortoise to cross. But, alas, she was pulled over yet again on the same false charge of “running a stop sign.”

And so, once again, she went to the traffic court – like the others – and was again sternly informed by the clerk of the consequences available in points and increased fines should she press her just case. She was yet again coerced to pay $250 for a false charge of jaywalking.

At this point, my wife is a serial jaywalker. This is a remarkable feat in a community where many only walk the streets on the sabbath or to get to the school track for their exercise.
I have become concerned that so recidivist a jaywalker as my wife might be locked up, thus depriving me of proper nourishment.

But upon reflection, I consoled her that with all the hooligans on streets and public transportation in our state having been peremptorily released by no-bail Democrats in the Assembly, state Senate and the Executive Mansion that – other than Rikers – the prisons might be a safe haven.

I think it’s time the authorities let us in on what’s going on here.
Enjoy your ride.

Jeff Wiesenfeld

Great Neck

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