Readers Write: Suozzi is who the Jewish community needs in Congress

Readers Write: Suozzi is who the Jewish community needs in Congress
Picture of Zak Malamed, Tom Suozzi, and Todd Richman at Hostage Square in Tel Aviv

In December I traveled to Israel to meet with hostage families, witness the destruction of Kibbutz K’far Aza, and hear firsthand accounts of the horror on Oct. 7.

Amid a torrential downpour in Tel Aviv, on a Saturday evening, as thousands gathered in Hostage Square with the families of those held captive by Hamas, I saw Tom Suozzi standing with the family of Omer Neutra, a Plainview native who has been held in Gaza for over 120 days. 

Even amid the sprint of a special election campaign, Tom made the time to show up for the Neutra family, for his community, for the Jewish people, and for Israel.

That is exactly the kind of leader we need in Congress – a leader who shows up.

As a proud Long Islander, an American, a Jew, and a proud supporter of Israel, that is especially what we need at this moment.

For over 30 years, Tom Suozzi has shown up for our community time and time again. Unfortunately, his opponent only shows up when and where she feels comfortable. 

Tom knows that in Congress, with extremism raging on the right and the left, the most important fights for our community will not be comfortable.

Still, he has shown he will show up, find common ground, and deliver. That is why, in the special election for New York’s 3rd Congressional District, I have decided to show up for him and have voted to send Tom Suozzi back to Washington. 

Zak Malamed

Great Neck

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