Readers Write: Suozzi must commit to protecting Social Security

Readers Write: Suozzi must commit to protecting Social Security
After a year of disconcerting conduct from former Congressman George Santos and a hard-fought special election, New York’s 3rd District is moving forward. Former Congressman Tom Suozzi has reclaimed the district for Democrats, and now he can ensure the seat remains out of Republican hands by recommitting to protecting Social Security and ensuring our hard-earned retirement benefits are kept safe ahead of the general election in November.
Social Security is becoming an increasingly prominent issue on the national stage. House Republicans, including House Speaker Mike Johnson, continue to support measures like a proposed “fiscal commission” that could fast-track cuts to Social Security. And Donald Trump, who has openly supported cuts to Social Security before, could threaten the program if he wins the 2024 presidential election. Trump even threw Suozzi’s Republican opponent under the bus for not being MAGA enough, so it’s safe to assume that whoever runs against Suozzi in November will be another pro-cuts extremist trying to ride Trump’s coattails into office.
Cutting Social Security is out of line with our values here in the Third District, where almost 150,000 people rely on Social Security benefits. The Census Bureau estimates that, as of 2022, there are approximately 385,000 people in the district aged 45 or older – roughly half of the district’s total population. That means that a key, sizable demographic of voters here are either already on Social Security or soon will be in the next few years.
Suozzi already has impressive experience with public service. He can continue to demonstrate his resolve by speaking out against House Republicans who believe in cutting Social Security. Suozzi is poised to restore our confidence that Washington will not cut the benefits that we’ve earned. I would like to hear more about his plan to do that.
Sally Marzouk
Great Neck

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