Readers Write: Support the Manhasset School District’s budget

Readers Write: Support the Manhasset School District’s budget

Dear Manhasset Community,

I urge you to vote on Tuesday, May 17 in support of the Manhasset Public Schools’ proposed 2022-23 budget.

I’m a parent of two college students and one Manhasset high school student. Though new to the community, I am a veteran college teacher, higher education administrator, and federal education grant assessor/reviewer for school districts and universities all across the U.S.

From my perspective, the district’s proposed budget offers a vibrant array of best-practices educational and other services to students, and its proposed allocation of resources reasonably aligns with necessary cost impacts.

Our district is highly ranked nationally, and the proposed budget meets the needs of our K-12 and high school students. Vote yes for the proposed Board of Education budget on Tuesday!

Sophie Christman, Ph.D.

Sophie Christman is a member of the Citizens’ Advisory Committee for Finance in the Manhasset School District. The opinions expressed in this letter are solely the author’s.

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