Readers Write: The loss of a family pet

Readers Write: The loss of a family pet

I’m writing about a concern that affects many pet owners who are forced to put their pets to sleep due to illness. Let me talk about what my wife and I just went through this past week with our beloved Jack Russell named Jack, who we loved very much. He lived to over 18-years-old and through the years gave us much love and kisses.

Jack had a great deal of love for my wife Eva and seem to get very nervous when she was not around. When she was in the hospital for two weeks, Jack would pace around the apartment and even lay down at the door waiting for her to come home. Last year Jack was getting sick, he had trouble walking, seeing, and hearing and had seizures. The vet said he would have to be put to sleep, but we were not ready to lose him.

Last Thursday he was in a great deal of physical pain and yelping and we were forced to put him to sleep. We went to a vet in New Hyde Park who put him to sleep. That was so very painful for us. Let me point out that we called a number of vets and had gotten quotes ranging from $350-$800. It was much more than we could afford.

Our good friends Dave and Marian lent us the money for a place that was less than $250. But let me point out that many seniors like us who are on fixed incomes are not so lucky. I think many poor seniors can’t afford the cost of putting their sick pets to sleep. Something needs to be done to ease their pain and lost. Remember our pets are so much a part of our extended families.

Frederick R. Bedell Jr.


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