Readers Write: The people will decide, not Larry Penner

Readers Write: The people will decide, not Larry Penner

Re: “Cuomo bros should open a grocery store.”

Yet another impressive addition to Larry Penner’s already lengthy resume and skillset: he is a transportation advocate, historian, writer, epidemiologist (he knows when we should and should not wear masks on the LIRR), an expert on the personnel of the US DOT (a recent opinion piece in which he tells us how well the agency functioned when Peter Buttigieg was on leave of absence), and psychic (he has predicted no Republican in the state will vote for Andrew Giuliani.

Another discussion, he may actually be right about this but not for the reasons he believes). We can add to Mr. Penner’s resume “career counselor.”

Who is Larry Penner to tell two private citizens what they should or should not do? Who is Larry Penner to tell a private citizen how to spend his money?

In 2007, Mr. Penner had a letter posted in the New York Times, lambasting the city for attempting to regulate the size of a sign put up by the Hotel Gansevoort.

Mr. Penner was absolutely right. Who is Larry Penner to tell a private citizen he does not have the right to engage in his Constitutionally protected freedom of speech?

The same freedom of speech that allows Mr. Penner to write his opinion pieces. Who is Larry Penner to say that Andrew Cuomo does not have the right to tell his side of the story?

While I agree that Andrew Cuomo would have had an impossible time fighting the charges against him and effectively governing the state, he is now a private citizen. Andrew Cuomo has the right to do as he chooses so long as he operates within the law.

This includes the right to attempt to launch a political comeback.
All criminal charges against Cuomo have been dropped for lack of evidence. While I am not agreeing or disagreeing, there are those that felt that Andrew Cuomo was denied due process and that his political life was destroyed by mere allegations.

If Andrew Cuomo eventually decides to attempt to run for office and if he can garner enough political signatures on political petitions to run for office, the decision as to whether Andrew Cuomo will be back in office will be up to the people in whatever district he runs. The people will decide. Not Larry Penner.

Nat Weiner


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