Readers Write: Unending concert noise in Village of Great Neck

Readers Write: Unending concert noise in Village of Great Neck

I do not reside near the Village Green. Not even close.  So, you can imagine my family’s distress when sound speakers from a Village of Great Neck celebratory concert, many blocks away, were sounding as if they were in my own backyard.

Maybe Memorial Field Park at the end of my block contributed to the reverberating effect. I am not a sound expert.

What I can tell you is that residents from many blocks away were subjected to loud, booming, high-decibel music this past Saturday night, all day Sunday, and Sunday night. In my house and out of my house, I heard it no matter what activity I was engaged in.

And the booming speaker system carrying the concert from blocks away made it sound like a dying animal.  It was awful.  I’ll say it again, it was awful.

By the way, the celebration was still taking place at 10 p.m. on Sunday night because I could hear it in my bedroom even with closed windows.

Surely, there is a way for the village to sponsor a concert at the Village Green, intended to foster good will prior to the Tuesday, June 18, re-election of two Village of Great Neck government trustees (Sobel and Kashi), without impacting everyone else who was looking forward to a quiet weekend with quiet weekend activities.

I believe an apology is in order from the mayor.  In most households, weekends are sacred and a chance to relax and unwind.  Now more than ever in these crazy times.

What made the Village of Great Neck mayor and trustees believe that all day and all night reverberating, booming music in our backyards – when we were reading, napping, baking, gardening and unwinding – was a good thing?

For those residents who enjoyed the concert intentionally and in-person – that’s terrific. But, perhaps, $45,000 spent on a community celebration should take into consideration the whole community.

Perhaps the concert could have been limited to one day utilizing half of the costly speaker system.  Then my family wouldn’t have been subjected to the endless and abusive sounds of a dying animal when, in fact,  I was counting on quiet to commemorate my dad’s Yahrzeit.

Judy Shore Rosenthal

Great Neck

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