Readers Write: Valentines Day Anthology

Readers Write: Valentines Day Anthology
Photo of a red sun by Dr. James Haklar

After a restful sleep I woke to a splendid sun.

How the red works its marvelous lesson.

Geraniums in the front window bloom finally.

Witch hazel deep in the woods surprise

with an early spring to aromatic affect.

Camelias at the arboretum bloom impeccable beauty.


Cherry trees around the tidal basin

spread countless petals bobbing in the breeze,

fluffy and soft like snowfall.

Transitioning to a plush illuminant rose

that brightens my heart with fascinating poetry,

straight and simple.


The most important masterpiece of art in itself is the art.

It is everywhere and why I brought you here.

And where I’ll find you again with a sunset so bold,

and sea beyond the horizon.

The world made tender for you and me.

And I remember the dream.



Stephen Cipot

Garden City Park


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