Readers Write: Village of Roslyn officials give cold shoulder to pressing issues

Readers Write: Village of Roslyn officials give cold shoulder to pressing issues
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Addressed to John Durkin and Marshall E. Bernstein.

Gentlemen, a few weeks ago we met at Trattoria Diane to discuss some of the issues that concerned me and others with regard to the community in which I currently reside i.e. Roslyn Landing.

I also expressed my concerns with regard to what I see as a lacuna and problematic situations in the village.

Sadly, although I thought a subsequent dialogue, as we pleasantly discussed, would be welcomed, silence of an unpleasant nature and a surprising lack of courtesy ensued. It is regrettable as I had enjoyed the company and the apparent thoughtfulness of two well educated gentlemen, but….

The questions that I had then and that I addressed with the mayor and his deputy have, alas, remained dead letter.

One of the serious problems that I spoke about was the dangerous situation that exists leaving Roslyn Landing as, particularly, in the early morning Old Northern Boulevard is more akin to a speedway than a quiet country road.

A lack of cameras and a stop sign to prevent an injurious event is not a casual request but a sine qua non for the prevention of accidents in the future.

All other questions that I have with respect to the village and Roslyn Landing are of the less pressing nature and thusly ought to be addressed in either a formal or informal way in the near future

Thank you for your expected attention to my email.

Patrick Silberstein


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