Readers Write: Vote for change

Readers Write: Vote for change
Great Horned Owl Jennifer Wilson Pines

If you keep voting the same way, you’ll keep getting the same results – empty promises.  New York State has a “super majority” with Democratic control of the state Senate and the state Assembly. This reality with a Democrat governor should have given residents confident reasons to re-elect incumbents.  New York State having the “highest tax burden” of all 50 states destroys this notion.

How can an incumbent state senator’s political mailing state: “Fighting For Us” when 75% of New York State retirees do not enjoy an exemption from state and local taxes on their private pensions like municipal retirees enjoy? How can incumbent politicians claim in political mailings that they fought for important fixes to bail reform to give judges more discretion ?

New York City Democratic Mayor Eric Adams has been stonewalled by the state Legislature and Gov. Hochul in denying his request to give judges more discretion in deciding whether to release crime suspects.  Crime is a reality on the North Shore of Long Island — just inquire at the Fendi store at Americana Mall, the Wheatley Plaza jewelry store and the BP gas station on Plandome Road to name a few.

This “independent” voter knows that change is long overdue in Albany.  I only hope that fellow independents, as well as Republicans and Democrats, see the reality of getting the same results when politicians are not held accountable. Vote for Change on Nov. 8. Maybe promises will be fulfilled.

Joe Campbell

Port Washington

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  1. Note: New York State is actually in SEVENTH place for income taxes. The local problem here is property taxes which no politician will touch, for obvious reasons.
    It takes a special kind of reasoning to support the party that chopped your SALT deduction and then claim the other party is to blame.

    No matter who you elect, taxation won’t change and neither will crime rate.


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