Readers Write: Why I am voting for Mariann Dalimonte

Readers Write: Why I am voting for Mariann Dalimonte

As a resident of the TONH, fourth generation Port Washington native, and a local educator and
coach raising a family, I felt compelled to write a letter in support of Councilwoman Mariann
Dalimonte. Having a tremendous amount of respect for consistent hard work, dedication,
leadership, passion and results, I’ve been a great fan and supporter of Councilwoman
Dalimonte from the start.

Getting immediately to work in 2020 and never looking back, Mariann continues to grow a long list of proven result based accomplishments (see below). Results that
include quality-of-life projects, beautification projects, health and safety projects, environmental projects, projects for our children, the elderly and everyone in between, from our neighborhoods and shores to literally our local waters.

With deep local roots, raising a local family, passion and know-how of our communities, along with extremely high visibility at community events, it further demonstrates a true commitment to a vital position that impacts all constituents in our Town of
North Hempstead.

2020 Accomplishments (pandemic year)
TONH & District 6
1. Newsletter – Started Councilwoman Dalimonte’s electronic newsletter.
2. Pandemic – Informative updates in newsletter.
3. Manorhaven Park – Resurfaced basketball courts at Manorhaven Beach Park.
4. Lighting – Additional LED lighting near PW-LIRR Train Station.
5. BW Zone Moratorium – Passed new zoning code for BW Zone.
6. S.F. Falconer Way – Secondary Street naming for 100th anniversary of S.F. Falconer
7. BZA – Informed constituents of the BZA calendar and how to sign up and access their
2021 Accomplishments
TONH & District 6
1. Newsletter – Councilwoman’s Newsletter now regularly informing over 2,500 residents.
2. Dredging – Manorhaven Beach Park boat ramp.
3. Paving – Residential and industrial roadways: resurfacing, concrete rehabilitation.
4. Bulb Out Removal – Main St. at N. Maryland Ave, and S. Maryland Ave.
Worked with the PWFD and PWPD to make sure their voices were heard.
5. NHBP – TONH received $1 million from Sen. Kaplan’s office for NHBP improvements.
6. Pandemic – Created COVID Vaccine Pods at St. Peter’s Church, Schreiber & Weber,
Manorhaven Beach Park.
7. Pandemic – Video promoting COVID vaccine for NHTV at the request of the Port
Washington Community Chest Pandemic committee.
8. Main Street & Plandome Road – Black battery park lamp posts painted on Main St. and
Plandome Rd. and updated to LED lights.
9. Lighting – Main Street streetlights updated to LED bulbs which are brighter, safer, and
more appealing.
10. Trees – Planted new trees along Main Street.
11. Tree Beds – Filled in empty tree beds that no longer could have a tree in them.
12. Vacancies – Surveyed commercial vacancies on Main Street and identified what each is
zoned for to help prospective tenants make better-informed decisions. Shared the file
with the Port Washington Chamber of Commerce and Greater Port Washington Business
Improvement District.
13. Building Department – Collaborated with Greater Port Washington Business
Improvement District to generate ideas for improving the TONH Buildings Dept.
14. Safe Routes to School – Sidewalk and roadway improvements as part of Port
Washington Safe Routes to School.
15. Mill Pond Park – Curbing and parallel parking installation.
16. Fee Assistance Program – TONH pools.
17. Pride – First Pride flag flown at Town Hall.
18. Pride – Helped Be the Rainbow with an agreement with the TONH to have Pride flags
flown on Main Street for the first time.
19. Grant – Applied for $10 million grant from NYS Downtown Revitalization Initiative
20. Mobile Office Hours – Started Mobile Office Hours at the Port Washington Library.
2022 Accomplishments
TONH & District 6
1. Oysters – Planted One Million Oysters in Manhasset Bay.
2. PedalShare – Bike sharing program at PW LIRR, Town Dock, Manorhaven Beach Park.
3. Bike Rodeo – Hosted a training program for PWPD and my office to become certified in
hosting Bike Rodeo’s.
4. Bike Safety Training Events – Hosted events for residents for the TONH in Bike safety
5. National Night Out – Hosted Port Washington’s first-ever National Night Out.
6. 7-Eleven – Advocated for No 7-Eleven to come to the corner of Port Blvd and Main St.
7. Plant-A-Row – TONH entered into agreement with Plant-A-Row for the Hungry at the
Port Washington Adult Activities Center.
8. Dock Application – Compromise on 22 Shore Drive dock application with residents and
property owner.
9. Honorary Street Naming – Sal “Ghost” DeFeo secondary street naming at Madison St.
10. Crosswalk – Installed a crosswalk on N. Plandome Road connecting two neighborhoods
to their beach rights. The residents had been trying to do this since the 60’s.
11. Grant – Applied for $10 million grant from NYS Downtown Revitalization Initiative &
the New York Forward Grant.
12. Harbor Hills – Started fixing the sidewalk issues in this neighborhood that were not
relating to trees.
13. Flu – Worked with Northwell Health to host a flu vaccine pod for the community.
14. Port Washington – Created a promotional video for visiting, shopping, and recreating in
Port Washington.
15. Port Washington – Created a “Things to do in Port Washington” place mats. This
advertisement is to help bring people to our community to shop, dine and take advantage
of our beautiful town.
16. Plandome Pond Park – Hired an engineering firm to help address the issues with the
2023 Accomplishments
TONH & District 6
1. Oysters – Planted another Million Oysters in Manhasset Bay.
2. Blumenfeld Park – Had the back stairs redone and beautiful plantings.
3. Blumenfeld Park – Had the Spray Pad renovated.
4. Parkinson’s Month – Had April 2023 Declared Parkinson’s Awareness Month in the
5. Pride Month – Had June 2023 Declared Pride Month in the TONH.
6. Volunteer Firefighters/EMT – Sponsored legislation for Volunteer Firefighters and EMT to
receive a 10% Tax Exemption and will also apply to their surviving spouses.
7. Police – Sponsored legislation with help from the Port Washington Police Department
establishing Chapter 43 prohibiting urination and defecating in public places and
providing penalties for violations.
8. Crosswalk – Installed a crosswalk on North Plandome Road. The residents in this area
have been advocating for a crosswalk since 1962.
9. Oyster Shell Recycling – Passed a Resolution to enter into an agreement for Oyster Shell
10. Manorhaven Pool – Renovations to Manorhaven Pool (New gutters etc.)
11. North Hempstead Beach Park – Three new showers were installed at North Hempstead
Beach Park.
12. Port Rowing – Secured a new contract for Port Rowing

Anthony Schettino

Port Washington

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