Readers Write: Zimmerman will be a national asset in Congress

Readers Write: Zimmerman will be a national asset in Congress

The time has come to clean up the congressional mess. We can’t wait much longer. If you want to stop corruption in Congress, then go to Row A on Election Day and elect Robert Zimmerman to represent us in the Third Congressional District. You will be casting a vote for a highly qualified individual who is honest and has integrity. He cannot be bought. Unlike other candidates, he refuses to accept Political Action Committee monies and dark money contributions.

Do not settle for less by voting for George Santos, Mr. Zimmerman’s Republican opponent, to represent you in Congress. Santos bragged that he was present at the violent and unconstitutional attack on our government — the Jan. 6 insurrection – and to add salt to the wound, that afterwards he helped pay the insurrectionists’ legal fees. Absolutely outrageous.

Be careful. Money has corrupted our government and democracy, leaving Republican electeds who care only about their power and money. They will do anything to consolidate power.

There are dire long-term national consequences due to dark money’s influence on legislation. Note that dark money donations are untraceable. In other words, our government has been and continues to be bought by the unknown. This is no way to run a country.

To demonstrate the impact of dirty money in politics, just check out PAC contributions to those members of Congress who voted against reducing drug prices, against climate change legislation, choice, banning assault weapons and for Trump’s big tax cuts for the rich, leaving many Americans to worry about making ends meet, thereby creating huge deficits Republicans claim to be against. Just think about seniors and the indigent who can barely afford medications. Most importantly, think about the legacy we will leave our youth with a poisonous, disease-ridden, filthy climate.

There is no doubt that Mr. Santos will vote in lockstep with his party, not independently. Like the rest of his party, he will “obey” their leadership as they have been doing. For years, they have consistently voted and blocked highly important legislation to the detriment of our democracy and country. Again, they also voted in lockstep for a huge tax cut for the rich during the Trump administration, leaving many Americans wondering if they could pay rent or mortgages. Also ask why in the world would the Republicans block banning assault weapons legislation as children and adults continue to be murdered or maimed. It makes no sense and is downright evil.

As far as the issues are concerned, Robert Zimmerman truly understands and knows that human rights, including a woman’s right to choose, gay rights and voting rights, are critical to our society as is a clean environment and addressing climate change. He supports a federal ban on assault weapons, high-capacity magazines and ghost guns. When you go to the polls to vote, think about our beloved, innocent school children and how to best protect them from a murderous classroom assault.

Robert Zimmerman will be the ideal congressperson for these times. He has a keen grasp of today’s many critical issues and deeply cares about our community. I cannot think of a more honest, ethical and qualified individual to represent us in Congress than our very own Robert Zimmerman. Please vote Row A during early voting or on Election Day and elect him to Congress along with the rest of the Democratic ticket.

Our democracy and country need him badly, if not desperately. Time is of the essence.

Eleanor Lange


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