The Island 360 should fact check Mr. Penner

The Island 360 should fact check Mr. Penner


Re: “Happy 115th Anniversary,” by Larry Penner. It is not the 115th anniversary of the LIRR ESA. It is the 113th. According to two separate websites, Wikipedia and NYC Urbanism, service to Penn Station began in 1910.

While I am grateful that this publication has published many (not all) of my letters, I’m surprised that it does not do fact-checking.

Yes, the letters page is for opinions, but opinions should be factually accurate. I expect this of Mr. Penner. He is in such a hurry to submit his opinion pieces he does not allow inconvenient things like facts to get in the way.

I expect better from a newspaper that does appear to attempt to be balanced, even, and factually accurate.

Nat Weiner


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