When no one took the Jews

When no one took the Jews

“Third, Jews including Einstein fled Germany immediately because Hitler was intent on M.G.G.A. That should appear to you as something familiar or Make Germany Great Again. And one of the chief ways to achieve that was to block the hopes, dreams, and progress of Jews (and others).”


When no one took the Jews! How many times have we heard it in New York. The leaders who really seem to be opposed to the arrival of immigrants in counties like Rockland and Orange are hiding things from the public and the media is of small help. Ed Day was sent my article about George Latimer who wishes to protect the immigrants, but the talk from Day and others really sheds daylight on their position. And it brings up a past that they probably don’t want you to think about.

And look at 1929 just before the rise of Hitler to power and this important information about immigration. According to U.S. immigration officials, Mexicans made nearly 1 million official border crossings into the United States during the 1920s. They arrived at a port of entry, paid an entry fee and submitted to any required tests, such as literacy and health.  Then 1325 was passed in 1929. The mood in the USA was anti-immigrant and “isolationist” Republicans had made gains in Congress and that was a threat to Roosevelt’s power. Both houses of Congress allowed a bill from New York Senator Wagner die which would have allowed an additional 20,000 children to be admitted to the USA.

The voyage of the St. Louis was 1939 and the facts surrounding those days are these. Jews felt that they would just rot in the ocean or be forced to go back to Germany.

Great Britain, the Netherlands, Belgium, and France took in Jews (France temporarily). Of the 535 passengers who were trapped in Europe, 278 survived The Holocaust.

And a Republican was president back then. That legislation effectively kept out all immigrants and by 1939 there was no hope for the masses of Jews and others.

Sure Ed Day, Steven Neuhaus and others celebrate Passover, Ramadan, and other things and they participate in Dominican and Haitian events. But so what. They can talk about the diversity in their counties 24 hours a day, but they are hiding things from the public.

First, they hide the fact that the immigrants were sent to their counties because of an “emergency.” The emergency was not Hurricane Katrina, for example, a disaster where there was a curfew and people were shot on sight. There are emergencies where people are lodged in school gyms and other places and people hold hands in prayer to support each other. That is not being done by Day and his cohorts.

Instead, this is a we against them battle.

What have those elected officials actually learned from When No One Took the Jews?

In Austria 1938, the effort to gain a visa was full of the most horrendous, time-consuming tiers of things that had to be done.  There was fraud involved and often Jews who had gone through many of the procedures had to begin all over. Click on this link about the application of 1938 to today because Jews were illegal before The Holocaust and there is a moral equivalency today as there was in the United States in 1938.

Then there is this debate about “sanctuary” cities. There were no such cities for Jews in Nazi Germany and our entire nation should be open to immigrants. The process that the Nazis made for Jews was more severe as Jews tried to find a place to live where they could be protected, essentially what those immigrants want after a long, hard journey.

What have those elected officials actually learned from When No One Took the Jews?

Then there is the discussion of some people who want more vetting. There is at least as much if not more danger due to people who are already here. There has never been the kind of supreme vetting of immigrant waves except for a period of intense racism.

What have those elected officials actually learned from When No One Took the Jews?

Residents of Rockland should take note that we can agree to disagree over whether a road has to be repaired, but this matter is not that. It’s about repairing humanity and Ed Day should face up to that challenge. Hitler must be proud of all those residents of Rockland, Orange, and other counties that never even thought about When No One Took the Jews.

And it seems that what is going on could be described as another attempt to kill what Republicans call woke. Today I prefaced my comments to a staff member of a state senator by asking which state is the state where woke went to die.

The person answered Florida. Then I asked which country was the country during The Holocaust where woke went to die and he answered Germany. The Judeo-Christian tradition in those counties is under the microscope and there are many good reasons to expose truths that Ed Day will not tell you.

Okay, I admit that I quoted myself at the beginning of this article. And I think that Ed Day and others should resign from office. And I say that Hitler would have been proud of many elected officials across America. And for now, what part of an “emergency” do these elected officials from our southern border to the north not understand?

And concluding, I guess the story of Joseph’s brothers arriving in Egypt to get help and receiving that help from the government of Egypt has no meaning to people of faith who support the wrong elected officials.

Martin Danenberg


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  1. What a dumb comparison. Jews were rounded up, killed or sent to labor camp for free labor. Are illegals rounded up, killed or sent to labor camp? They are coming for free stuff and dumb people like Danenberg who harbor illegals


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