N.Y.’s new gun laws are ‘unconstitutional’: Blakeman

N.Y.’s new gun laws are ‘unconstitutional’: Blakeman
County Executive Bruce Blakeman, Commissioner of Police Patrick Ryder and Deputy County Executive of Public Safety Tatum Fox. During a press conference on Tuesday morning, Blakeman outlined the difficulty of enforcing the state's new concealed carry laws. (Photo by Karen Rubin)

Two hundred new gun permit applications have been submitted since the state’s new gun law went into effect on Sept. 1, Nassau County law enforcement says.

County Executive Bruce Blakeman, Commissioner of Police Patrick Ryder and Deputy County Executive of Public Safety Tatum Fox discussed the challenges of enforcing the state’s new concealed carry laws during a press conference on Tuesday morning.

“Although we think this law is arbitrary, capricious and unconstitutional,” said Blakeman. “We are going to do our best way to administer this law until there’s a file of adjudication with the litigation that’s ongoing as to whether or not this law is in fact constitutional.”

After the Supreme Court ruled in June that the state’s proper-cause requirement was unconstitutional and violated the 14th Amendment, it compelled state officials to implement the changes.

The new legislation includes firearm training, in-person interviews and social media reviews. They prohibit those with concealed carry permits from carrying weapons in sensitive places such as Times Square, schools, government offices and hospitals. One must also renew or recertify their permits every three years.

Blakeman said he disagreed with forbidding gun owners from bringing their weapons inside houses of worship or on public transportation. He added that the new regulations do little to safeguard the public from a situation involving an active shooter.

According to officials, out of 32,000 permit holders, 900 have applied to upgrade to full carry and 200 more for full carry. (Of the 32,000, 21,000 are for hunting or target practice, 1,500 are for businesses and 950 are owned by former law enforcement personnel.)

Blakeman did not respond to questions on data showing that easing concealed carry laws would boost residents’ safety. He also did not reveal any information about the applicants, such as their gender, race or age.

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  1. It takes the intellect and morality of a Republican to believe in unfettered distribution of weaponry to the general populace while claiming to be in favor of law and order.
    The stupidity, cowardice and hollow reasoning never ceases to amaze. A study in pathologies.


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