Voutsinas, Balkin draw large support in judges elections

Voutsinas, Balkin draw large support in judges elections
Helen Vousinas, left, and Scott Fairgrieve, right. Both judges were victorious Tuesday night in their respective state and district races.

In the shadow of the heavily contested congressional and state Senate races, Helen Voutsinas and Ruth C. Balkin received hundreds of thousands of votes in the 10th Supreme Court District elections.

Voutsinas and Balkin collected 400,347 and 398,270 respectively, leading a pack of seven judges elected in which Michael A. Gajdos Jr., the official elected with the least votes, was 72,000 votes ahead of eighth-place finisher Larry Kelly.

The victors, seven elected from a field of 17, include Voutsinas, Balkin, Norman St. George, George Nolan, Deborah Poulos, Marian R. Tinari and Gajdos.

Robin Kent handily defeated Madeline Petrara-Perrin for the position of Family Court judge in Nassau County by a margin of close to 13 to 1, 418,602 votes to 32,246.

Valeria Alexander, Andrea Phoenix and Andrew Engel were all victorious ahead of Michael Alpert, Charles Casolaro and Eric Zeni in the race for 2nd District Court judge.

Scott Fairgrieve defeated Tomasina Cuda Mastroianni in the race for 3rd District Court judge, 44,951 to 29,642.

Colin F. O’Donnell and Douglas J. Lerose defeated Joanne Curran-Perrucci and Dana L. Grossblatt in the race for 4th District Court judges.

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