East Hills Board of Trustees dives into talking about pools and activities

East Hills Board of Trustees dives into talking about pools and activities

The East Hills’ board of trustees meeting on Tuesday had a short agenda centered around the community’s pool and related topics for this summer.

The first matter discussed was in relation to a special demand made by a grill. Since the pool could not open as scheduled due to needed repairs, the grill had to throw out the food they had prepared for Memorial Day.

Mayor Michael Koblenz suggested the village reimburse the grill operator for the over $2,000 loss by amending the contract, which was approved by the board, with Trustee Clara Pomerantz calling it a “no brainer.”

The board also authorized the return of the cash bonds put up by people in the community to install their own pools. This procedure is done to ensure that there is no destruction of village property or the property of others in the process of construction.

Seasonal hire positions were also brought up, referring to roles such as lifeguards and park attendants, both require background checks and need civil service approval. Applications for said positions still need to finish being reviewed.

The mayor’s report was brief, with Koblenz commenting on his disappointment that the pool opening was delayed, saying he “had a crappy weekend.”

“When we shut down the pool in the winter, everything was working,” Koblenz said. “There were some issues that needed to be addressed, and we wouldn’t have known that in advance.”

After the repairs for painting, pumps and valves were made, Koblenz said “The integrity of the pool is [now] good.”

As for the new features added to the pool such as steering wheels for kids to spray water, the mayor said they have “been a big hit.”

Pomerantz summed up recent fundraisers in the area, including a blood drive and the Go Long event involving flag football to support Autism.

Another event mentioned was Green Day, where different organizations stationed booths at the pool and educated residents on sustainability as well as a shredding truck that came by, to which Pomerantz said “people were very happy with it.”

A question was raised about landscapers in the area blowing leaves around and making messes. The board did not propose an immediate formal solution but has plans for legislation to temporarily ban gas leaf blowers.

The next board meeting has been moved from July 21 to July 26.



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