East Hills passes budget, freezes taxes for 12th straight year

East Hills passes budget, freezes taxes for 12th straight year
East Hills trustees read Tuesday's agenda at village hall. (Photo by Brandon Duffy)

The Village of East Hills Board of Trustees approved a $13.1 million 2022-23 budget on Tuesday that keeps taxes flat for a 12th straight year. 

The budget represents a 1.58 percent increase in spending, or slightly more than a $200,000 increase from year to year.

Incorporated into the budget are a number of village improvements and the return of its annual fireworks display. 

At the village’s park, new tag readers are going to be installed by an outside contractor. At the pool, new tiles are being installed and lifeguard stands have been replaced after over 15 years, along with the welcome signs at the front gates, which Mayor Michael Koblenz said have started to fade. 

Because of public demand, lines for a pickleball court will be painted into one of the basketball courts and games can be reserved through the village’s system, which is currently being developed. Once a time is reserved, nets for pickleball will be set up on the court. In addition, one of the courts that had cracks has been redone, and padding on all the poles has been replaced. 

Koblenz emphasized the need for more workers in the summer, saying there are openings for about 25 lifeguards and roughly seven park attendants. 

On July 2, the fireworks display is set to return with a rainout date of the next day, Koblenz said. 

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