Glenwood Landing School ribbon cutting ceremony for new greenhouse

Glenwood Landing School ribbon cutting ceremony for new greenhouse
Photo by Shelly Newman

On May 7, Principal Finder, along with her students, faculty, and members of the Glenwood Landing SCA, gathered in the outdoor classroom for the new Greenhouse ribbon-cutting ceremony.

GWL Garden for Good Leaders said, “It is our very special greenhouse! The whole Glenwood Landing Family has donated to this cause that has changed our learning environment by using the funds from the Fun Run!”

They added, “Along with this greenhouse, there were many great changes!  The SCA also donated new gloves, materials to begin planting (e.g., starter cells for seeds), brand new furniture and cubbies for storage, insect catchers, tape measures, rain catcher barrel, and much, much more!”

The outdoor classroom at Glenwood Landing has always been a beautiful space where all K-5 GWL students can explore and learn when the weather permits.

The new Greenhouse is a wonderful addition to this unique and eco-friendly outdoor space. Students often enjoy being outdoors, learning, planting, and exploring. Hands-on learning opportunities are provided, especially in their SWES classes, under the direction of Audra Marcantonio.

Additionally, students in the Garden For Good Club work extremely hard on Thursdays in the Outdoor Classroom after school. Members will volunteer over the summer to help nourish the beautiful garden. After the plants, fruits, and vegetables grow, they will go to a charity in Sea Cliff!

Everyone at Glenwood Landing School would like to thank the SCA Board and all its members, Mrs. Jones, the Imbriano family, and all those who helped provide the outdoor classroom with new materials, furniture, gloves and more!


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