Mineola Board of Education swears in members and discusses professional development

Mineola Board of Education swears in members and discusses professional development
Members of Mineola BoE were sworn in on Tuesday. (Screenshot by Sarah Ng)

Mineola Board of Education swore in the members of its board at Tuesday’s re-organization meeting.

Margaret Ballantyne-Mannion, was re-elected as president of the board.

“I would like to thank the board for having the confidence to name me your president again. I will try to do the very best job that I can, and I appreciate your support,” she later said at a workshop meeting

The board’s vice president, Patrick Talty, who has been on the board since 2017, was also re-elected.

“I just feel very grateful to belong to this district where we have so many dedicated, hardworking people who are really, really focused on what’s best for the kids in our community,” he said. “It’s a privilege again to serve as the vice president of this board. I thank everybody for putting your trust in me again,” Talty said at the workshop.

Cheryl Lampasona will be entering a 3-year term as a trustee on the board. The New York public school teacher in Queens has been on the board for six years.

In other news, the meetings for the year will no longer be at Willis Avenue.

The board anticipates meeting in the future at the Synergy building on the 1st floor if it is ready.

The board also discussed their professional development plan from last year. The goals included improving learning outcomes for all students and empowering educators.

The presentation led by Nicole Moriarty, went over the results of surveys to facilitate the needs of staff and the district.

83% of teachers liked asynchronous learning, 76% liked working independently, and 61% liked working on evenings during the 2021-2 school year, which was similar to the previous year.

Come this fall, there will be both hybrid and asynchronous cycles where teacher will decide what to implement in the classroom.

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