Neighbors push back on proposed Roslyn Heights gas station; meeting tonight

Neighbors push back on proposed Roslyn Heights gas station; meeting tonight
A new gas station is being proposed in Roslyn Heights. Neighbors are pushing back against the development. (Photo courtesy of Google Maps)

The Town of North Hempstead is considering an application for a new Roslyn Heights gas station on 1.28 acres, but neighbors are pushing back on the development.

The proposed 55,733-square-foot gas station located at 225-255 Willis Avenue is being re-developed by Bolla, who has worked with numerous gas stations in the county, and Willis Avenue Properties East, LLC.

The plans include a 4,175-square-foot convenience store that features a drive-thru and gasoline service station with a canopy. It would also have improvements to drainage, lighting and landscaping.

Michael Alper, president of the North Park Civic Association, lives about 10 houses from the proposed gas station. He is speaking out against the development, representing himself and his neighbors, citing potential issues of traffic, safety and disturbances.

Alper said the gas station would be the largest in the town, about double the size of the current gas station located at the proposed site and about a third larger than the current largest gas station in the town.

He said the size of the proposed gas station would increase traffic on an already busy street, making it hard for neighboring residents to enter and exit their neighborhoods.

The corner of the gas station at Willis Avenue and Long Island Service Road South also has a high rate of accidents, Alper said, which would potentially increase with a larger gas station and increased traffic.

Alper said that based on a report from the Nassau County Police Department he obtained, the corner has ranged from having from the 12th to the 3rd highest rate of accidents in the county. He said approximately 617 accidents have been reported there in the past 10 years, which works out to more than one accident a week.

Alper said the large gas station would also provide additional bright light intrusion and noise pollution for neighbors, some of whom live across the street from the proposed site.

The Town of North Hempstead is holding a public hearing Tuesday night to consider the developers’ application for a special use permit required for the project.

Alper said that he and other affected neighbors will be speaking at the meeting to express their concerns and disapproval of the proposed gas station.

The Town meeting will be held at 7 p.m. at Town Hall Tuesday night.

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