Organic eatery joins Greenvale

Organic eatery joins Greenvale
Full House Organic dining area (Photo by Judy Racz.)

By Kristy O’Connell

A Roslyn couple recently launched Full House Organic, a fast-casual eatery located at 38 Glen Cove Road in Greenvale, with the goal of introducing organic options to more than just health-conscious consumers.

According to co-owner Judy Racz, the couple opened their restaurant back in January for deliveries via their website, app and grubhub but has since opened for eat-in.

“The idea is that a lot of times people think organic food is healthy and won’t taste as good, but I believe that is a big myth,” Racz. “With organic food, the ingredients are just cleaner and realer.”

While their chef specializes in Italian cuisine, Racz said the restaurant offers a wide variety of food, ranging from vegan options to meatballs and rotisserie chickens.

The ‘make-your-own-salad’ option is a fan favorite, she said.

The couple wanted their restaurant to be a place that can suit people with specific dietary needs while also appealing to a more traditional diet, she said. Vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options are all available.

The couple is working towards not only maintaining their ‘organic ingredients’ status but also towards certifying their entire kitchen as organic as well.

“We aren’t just trying to meet the minimum requirements of being organic,” said Judy.

Judy also emphasized that their restaurant does not use tap water and instead uses reverse-osmosis water for soups and the cleaning of vegetables. In addition, Judy emphasized that they do not use plastic for packaging.

She also expressed particular excitement over the work her team is doing with a dietician to soon begin offering meal plans.

The Full House Organic currently offers eat-in, take-out or free delivery and can be contacted at 516-621-4040 or at

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